UWP Luxe on Ohh Deer

Ohh Deer are the exclusive distributor for UWP Luxe products in the UK. With their expertly crafted 3D pop up greeting cards and box notes for all occasions, you can't help but fall in love with their range.

  • Pure Alchemy

    The Pure Alchemy Everyday Collection features cheeky salutations and pop-ups mixed with intricate laser-cutting to create these awe-inspiring greeting cards and notes suitable for all occasions

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  • Paper Artisan

    UWP Luxe partnered with Hiromi Takeda, a pop-up artist from Japan who uses paper to capture the ephemeral beauty and essence of blooming flowers on Greeting cards for all occasions

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  • Staircases & Archways Boxed Notes

    Boxed Notes

    UWP Luxe invited artists to illustrate four original works of art‚ÄĒwhich they've translated into pop-up or die-cut cards suitable for all occasions. Each box contains a set of eight cards paired with matching envelopes.

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