Ohh Deer Interviews: Trevisker Garden Centre

"Birthdays, Christmas, getting married, new babies, or just because - plants tick all the boxes, and cards go hand in hand with any gift purchase." 💚

Co-owners of Trevisker Garden Centre

Image courtesy of Trevisker Garden Centre.

Trevisker Garden Centre has just celebrated a personal milestone. We caught up with co-owner Sian to talk through how the business started and what it's like to run such a glorious place that is so, so much more than a garden centre in the heart of Cornwall. 

Sian, you recently celebrated 25 years of Trevisker Garden Centre. Congratulations! What made you go into business together?

So Trevisker is indeed 25 years old this year!! 

Trevisker was born when Mark, my husband and business partner made some hanging baskets for our local pub in Padstow while I was travelling Australia. We had met not long before my trip! I came home and sold some left-over baskets from the field where the garden centre stands now. The next year we planted an acre of PYO strawberries and sold some bedding plants. The year after we put up a polytunnel selling our homegrown plants and some of my artwork. We kept planning bigger and better and neither of us wanted to get a real job!

Sample images of Trevisker Garden Centre

Images courtesy of Trevisker Garden Centre.

Wow, we love that! For anyone visiting, what is the “Do not miss” attraction?

Trevisker is home to a gorgeous pet store, a delicious café, gift shop, locally grown plants and Trevisker garden buildings. We are on the main road into the harbour town of Padstow on the North Cornish coast, the most beautiful place on earth!

Greetings cards and garden centres seem to go hand-in-hand. Why do you think that is?

Garden centres are such happy places full of life and positivity and growth. Perfect for attracting gift buyers and there’s no better gift than plants. Birthdays, Christmas, getting married, new babies, or just because - plants tick all the boxes, and cards go hand in hand with any gift purchase.  


Image displaying various greeting cards


Examples of Ohh Deer cards stocked by Trevisker.

From a garden centre perspective, what are the perks of stocking greeting cards?

Trevisker is a one stop shop for gift buying so selling cards is essential! Many garden centres use a brokerage these days for their greeting cards.

Why do you prefer to do your own buying?

I do my own buying as it's my favourite part of running the garden centre - I get to go shopping every day! The overall look and vibe at Trevisker is probably the most important part to me. I like all products to sit happily next to each other and for all who come through our doors to feel inspired and welcomed.

For anyone who doesn’t know, what are the benefits of doing your own buying?

If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to do your own buying. In the current market and with products readily available to buy online, people need a reason to physically visit your store. Your offering needs to be unique, interesting, and ever-evolving.

How do you find working with Ohh Deer as a supplier?

Ohh Deer are fabulous to work with and produce some great products. We buy through Reg Shaw agencies. Reg knows me well enough to pick cards for me! I don’t trust anyone else!!


Image showing various daily planners


Examples of Ohh Deer stationery stocked by Trevisker.

Would you recommend Ohh Deer to other garden centres?

I would 100% recommend Ohh Deer products to other garden centres. They are different, have beautiful designs, a great price and are great sellers.

And finally. What is your best-selling line of Ohh Deer products?

Cards cards cards!!

If you want to find out more about Trvisker Garden Centre, visit their website here and follow them on Instagram @trevisker_garden_centre.

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