About Us

You’ve arrived! Hello and welcome to Ohh Deer!

If you want to hear the full origin story, check out the video below but keep reading for the abridged version.

So who are Ohh Deer?

We’re a greeting card, stationery and gift company operating from our HQ in Loughborough. Founded in 2011, we’re proud to say that Ohh Deer quickly became the established go-to place for contemporary, arty and funny illustrated products.

Why the name?

Well it’s not as exciting as you might think! We made a long list and Ohh Deer is the name we kept coming back to. It’s got the extra ‘h’ because the .com was available - it’s pronounced Oh like Po, not ooh like flu

Greeting cards

Greeting cards are our thang! What makes us unique is our incredible roster of over 100 talented creatives based around the world. They work alongside our fantastic in-house team to bring you a well rounded and eclectic collection! A share of the revenue goes to every 1 of the 100 artists, which enables us to support every artist we work with. We also have well known artists/brands such as Gemma Correll, Bob Ross, Hello!Lucky, Cath Kidston and many more.


This is our super stationery box. Designed as the perfect gift, each box contains a range of items for the stationery-obsessed including daily planners, sticky notes, pens, pencils, scissors, cards, gift wrap notebooks… the list goes on. It’s a real alternative to chocolate selection boxes for stationery fans.


This is our ‘Art school in a box’. Artful is different to anything else currently on the market because each box focuses directly on one art skill. Customers can choose to learn or develop their skills across a range of art disciplines including watercolour, screen printing, soft pastels, colouring pencils and gouache. Another great gift for your shop!

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