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"Cards are powerful little things that spread love and positivity better than any electronic communication can."

There's nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a card that just gets you. Or reading a handwritten message you weren't expecting. Going through your little collection of birthday cards before putting them away or making bunting out of the Christmas cards each year. Don't even get us started on how it feels to receive a card handwritten by a child 😭

Thinking Of You Week celebrates just that: the emotional power of greeting cards and their role in creating positive feelings. Created by the Greeting Cards Association (GCA), Thinking Of You Week takes place every year and encourages everyone to send a card to a loved one, a friend, a colleague or even your favourite postie! 

We collaborated with illustrator and designer Steffi Lynn to create a gorgeous selection of greeting cards, perfect for Thinking Of You Week. You can read our interview with Steffi here, where we discuss her artistic style, inspirations and more! 

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Mark Callaby, Managing Director and Co-founder at Ohh Deer is also a member of the council for the GCA and he shared a little bit about his role and the work the GCA does. 

"I'm a member of the council for the GCA which is made up of 20 different greeting card publishers across the industry. I lead the Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee for the group and over the last few years I've run a Black History Month initiative with Sainsbury's as well as led the industry in our very first Pride march at this year's Pride in London!

"We meet regularly to discuss industry topics and form a united voice for the industry on issues that matter - including the Royal Mail, tradeshows, and how we can encourage more people to send cards. I'm also involved in lots of meetings to help people starting out in the industry." 

Back in July, Ohh Deer co-founders Mark and Jamie took to London Pride alongside the Greeting Card Association to spread joy and positivity with wonderful greeting cards ❤️

They handed out approximately 10,000 greeting cards along the Pride route!

 View the full video here: 

As well as having a glorious selection of Thinking Of You Cards, this particular Thinking Of You Week will see everyone at Ohh Deer handwriting and sending out cards to those who matter the most to us, as well as anyone that deserves a little something to brighten their day!

"Thinking Of You Week is an important event in the calendar as it acts as a reminder to send greeting cards (all year, not just that week) because cards are powerful little things that spread love and positivity better than any electronic communication can." - Mark

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If you need any last minute stock top ups for Thinking Of You Week you can check out our collection here

This year Thinking Of You Week starts on Monday the 18th September.

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