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52 Pocket Cath Kidston Greeting Card Spinner

52 Pocket Cath Kidston Greeting Card Spinner

Designed by: Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is one of the best-selling lines here at Ohh Deer. What better way to display Cath to your customers than with a custom designed spinner! 

With room for 52 SKUs (24 Large and 28 A6) you can bring a touch of Cath Kidston to your shop at the click of a button. 

How do I order?

Add the spinner to your cart and we'll deliver your new spinner fully stocked with our best selling cards.

Alternatively add the spinner to your cart along with 288 Large cards and 336 A6 cards to receive the spinner free of charge. 

Please Note: This display unit will provided free of charge via a lease from Ohh Deer. This means that the unit remains the property of Ohh Deer and you agree that you will only use this unit for displaying products from Ohh Deer. Failure to do so will result in us charging you the full price for the unit or you will be required to return it to us.

Each spinner comes with 52 pockets and can hold 624 cards. 

(Dimensions H193cm, W40cm, D30cm)

Size One Size


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